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The project AAA: “Act-up Agora Agency” aims to spark debate on parties’ programmes and manifestos for the European elections thanks to a ‘participative rating agency of programmes’. This agency will consist of the assembly of citizens who will participate in the final debate in Lyon next April, and possibly in other European cities.

Meet the participants of the Agency and join one of our working groups (coordination / analysis / debate / journal)!

auroreAurore Lanchart-Gonzalez: Aurore received her marketing and commercial practices degree from the IAE in Paris. As a digital specialist, she manages web strategies for numerous artists and for the “b to c” and “b to b” labels. She is passionate about European affairs and very involved at the local level in Saint-Denis, through several associations. She is particularly interested by the project because she would like to study parties’ political programmes to raise stakes around the European elections, especially towards the youth. She will take part in the analysis and debate working groups.

elenaElena Dalibot: Elena works for European Alternatives as participation coordinator and is based in Paris. She is mainly working on the Citizens Pact, the Transeuropa Caravans and the “Act-up Agora Agency”. Prior to joining EA, she completed a Master’s degree in European Affairs at the Institute of Political Sciences in Paris. She has previously worked for other civil society organisations, including the Balkan Youth Festival in Bulgaria and Transparency International Secretariat in Germany. Originally from Europe’s “Far West”, Brittany, she has lived in London, Paris, Sofia, Cluj-Napoca and Berlin. Her interest fields include politics, arts (photography, music, literature, cinema), languages and travels. She will work in particular on the coordination of the AAA project.

guilhemGuilhem Delteil: Guilhem is a journalist working for an international broadcaster. He anchored the news for five years and is now reporting on French affairs. He’s also a member of European Alternatives and helped organizing the Transeuropa Festival and other events of the organization, such as a meeting between Egyptian activists and Spanish Indignados. Now based in Paris, he lived in Germany and the Middle East. His fields of interest are international politics, the European construction and social issues. He will take part in the analysis working group.

kostasKostas Papastergiou: Kostas Papastergiou, from Greece, is currently interning at European Alternatives. He mostly works on the Citizens Pact. He joined EA after completing his studies in Political Science and History at the Panteion University of Athens. His main areas of interests are political participation of European citizens, migration issues and democracy in Europe. He is also interested in political theory and philosophy. Previous experiences include attending radio seminars and airing his own broadcast in a web-radio station. He will participate in the AAA project and focus on research on the manifestos and programmes of European political parties. His interest fields include in particular work and migration. Kostas will take part in the analysis and debate working groups.

lorenzoLorenzo Rinelli: Born in Rome where he obtained his JD and MA, Lorenzo is a teacher, researcher and photographer. He received his PhD in Political Science from the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa. His doctoral research analyzed everyday practices of externalization of African migration control beyond and within Europe’s geopolitical limits, in sites such as detention centers in Libya, but also in Rome. Since 2007, he has taught various courses within the department of Political Science with particular focus on International Law, Migration Studies and International Relations. Currently he teaches IR, European Politics and Globalization courses at Loyola and University of California both in Rome. His research interests include border studies, migration theory, postcolonial theory and aesthetics in world politics. Recent publications include Fantasizing Cultures: a contemporary visual narrative of indigenous space and body through media promotion. In his current research project that includes a photography section, he traces the national and religious anxieties that emerge with the influx of Somali refugees and capital investments into the Nairobi suburb of Eastleigh. You can have a glimpse of his experience as photographer here @ Lorenzo will coordinate the analysis working group.

lucileLucile Gemähling: Lucile holds a french passport and has completed most of her studies in Germany. Taught in urban geography and sociology in Lyon and Bremen, her engagement and interest fields include migrants and non-citizens rights, decolonialism and the right to the city. She sees the AAAgency as a way to reclaim the european elections for citizens and for equality, against nationalisms. Lucile will take part in the debate working group.

Maria Scolaro: Maria Scolaro was a teacher at a Secondary School, mainly in Faenza, where she still lives.She is retired and work as a volunteer teacher to immigrant people from different countries. She is the president of the Associazione per i gemellaggi del Comune di Faenza (Association for twinned towns), Her main interests are human rights, with a special focus on women, children, migrants. Peace and equality are the necessary bases. Maria joined the analysis working group.

martaMarta Molino: Marta Molino is a fresh graduated in International Relations and her story reflects a sort of a European journey: born in Rome, she has been studing in France and Italy, and has been working in Germany. She has attended a binational bachelor and master program both at the University of Political Science in Turin and Sciences Po Bordeaux, and is now working as an intern in Bordeaux. She believes that no European Democracy is possible without civil rights and she tries therefore to act on it through advocacy and research. Member of European Alternatives, she has been working on the Citizens Pact and she will take part to the analysis and debate working groups of the AAA Project.

saraSara Spagnolo: After spending several years in Shanghai as consultant, Sara decided to approach the international cooperation sector through a Master in Milan and an internship in UNESCO’s Communication and Information Division in Paris. She got first involved in the Transeuropa Festival 2012, and she found in European Alternatives a very inspiring think-and-act tank. She particularly appreciates the cross-cutting nature of European Alternatives’s approach and the possibility of exchanging and collaborating with other groups or associations at international scale. She supported the organisation of the Transeuropa Festival 2013 and is currently helping coordinate the Paris local group. Given her background in languages and communication, she has a special interest for initiatives related to media pluralism, intercultural dialogue and fight against discriminations.

segoleneSégolène Pruvot: Ségolène is a co-president of European Alternatives and coordinates Transeuropa Festival. She is interested in issues such as democracy in Europe, feminism and equality and urbanism. Ségolène actively participates to transnational activities and campaigns of European Alternatives and develops activities of the organisation in Paris, such as regular salons discussions and the TRANSEUROPA Festival. For European Alternatives she has developed and participated to projects on democracy (Transnational parties in Europe), on the twenty first century city (City 21) and on feminism (European Feminists Summits). Ségolène has studied political sciences and urban planning in France, Germany and the UK. She has previously worked in the field of urban planning and of European Affairs. Ségolène will participate to the project in the coordination team.

simoneSimone Nordkvist: Simone is twenty years old and currently studying political science (on bachelor degree) at Dalarna University in Sweden. Her main areas of interests are European politics, political and cultural differences between the eastern and western parts of Europe and gender issues. Simone has also a passion for science and particularly qualitative research methods. Simone is essentially interested in the project because she sees it as an important mission to revive the spirit around the European parliament elections. Simone will take part in the analysis working group.

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