The Debate

Translated by William Foster


The “Act up Agora Agency” met in Lyon on Tuesday the 22nd of April to present the results of its analysis to several candidates for the South-East constituency and to debate on the question of youth employment.

The candidates present for this event were the following:

  • Thierry Cornillet for the ALDE – Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe
  • Zaki Laïdi for the PES – Party of European Socialists
  • Lela Bencharif for EELV (Europe Ecologie Les Verts) – Green Party
  • Eric Coquerel for the GUE-NGL – European United Left/Nordic Green Left
  • Alain Malégarie for the European Federalist Party

Despite being in contact with more than four of its candidates for the constituency, the UMP (Union for a Popular Movement) did not choose to attend our event.

The evening was divided into two parts:

  • During the first part, from 7pm to 8.15pm, the young participants were put into groups and met the different candidates at discussion tables. At each table there was a candidate, and the young groups rotated from table to table to meet each candidate. A supplementary table was dedicated to the analysis of political programmes carried out by the “Act up Agora Agency  on the theme of youth unemployment.
  • During the second part from 8.30pm to 10pm, a debate took place, which allowed candidates’ opinions to be confronted amongst each other and to exchange with the public, especially on questions related to youth and employment. The aim was to put each vision for the EU into perspective in the context of the EU Parliamentary elections, in order to shed light on the ideas and projects offered by European level parties, based on the project of a comparative analysis of programmes and manifestos carried out by the event’s young participants. During this debate, the members of the “Act up Agora Agency” presented their results for each party on a series of themes related to youth employment.

Finally, the public was invited to form a “rating assembly” of each     party’s proposals on youth employment, which gave a “rating” of each party. Hereby are the results for the Lyon assembly (see below):

Greens - EN
European Left - EN
Watch the video of the debate here (in French):